Virtual Tour Photo Shooting Experience

The Convenient and Simple Virtual Tour Photo-Shooting Experience with 360photomotion

Meet Mr. and Mrs. Bruno, owners of the popular restaurant, Bar do Bruno, located on the beautiful Atlantic coast of Portugal where world class surfers often dine and relax after hitting the waves. The owners were looking for a way to showcase their unique space to potential customers and attract more business after rebuilding their restaurant from an unfortunate fire. That’s when they discovered 360photomotion, a company specializing in virtual tours for businesses that would update and elevate their online business model.

Step 1: Choosing the Right Virtual Tour Package

Mr. and Mrs. Bruno contacted 360photomotion and found that there were several packages to choose from that would meet their business needs. 360photomotion offered discounts for combining services, including virtual tours for their Google business profile, high-resolution stunning website virtual tours, QR codes and even Instagram Reels to use for social media. After discussing their options, they found the perfect package that suited their needs and budget. 360photomotion sent them a proposal and service agreement for full transparency. Once they signed the agreed proposal, they scheduled a date for the photo-shoot.

Step 2: Preparing for the Photo-Shoot

360photomotion made it clear that Mr. and Mrs. Bruno only needed to ensure that their business location was cleaned and prepared within reason upon arrival. The company would take care of the small details, which were profoundly important with 360-degree photography. On the scheduled date, the 360photomotion team arrived at Bar do Bruno to start the photo-shoot. Their staff even helped moved heavy objects the owners could not do on their own.

Step 3: The Photo-Shoot

The photo-shoot was an enjoyable and memorable experience for Mr. and Mrs. Bruno. The 360photomotion team was highly skilled at refining the room to look its very best and shine in the best light. They took great care in capturing every detail of the restaurant, from the unique decor to the delicious food on the menu. Despite the challenges of working with 360-degree photography, the team made the entire process look easy and effortless.

Step 4: Post-Processing and Review

After the photo-shoot, 360photomotion professionally edited the photos and stitched them together. They ran them through a rigorous 4 stage workflow to ensure the quality and file size were the perfect match using the best technology of today. They then sent Mr. and Mrs. Bruno the virtual tour via email to review and make any revision requests if needed. The 360photomotion team was dedicated to ensuring that the final product met their clients‘ expectations while taking the least amount of time from the business owners as possible. Once the revision was complete and Mr. and Mrs. Bruno were 100% happy with the product, 360photomotion finalized the process and sent them the invoice.

The virtual tour photo-shooting experience with 360photomotion was a convenient and simple process for Mr. and Mrs. Bruno. They were impressed with the professionalism and dedication of the 360photomotion team, who went above and beyond to ensure their satisfaction. The virtual tour of Bar Do Bruno was a hit with potential customers, and the Bruno’s saw an increase in business as a result. They have recommended 360photomotion to any business looking to showcase their space and attract more customers with a fully interactive, engaging and immersive experience.